Data Flow Editor

1. Description

Data Flow Editor (DFE) is the tool for building Logics for your Touchpoints.
DFE is the same for the Logic, as the map for a traffic system: it visualizes the connections, threads, and junctions of the system, representing the goals and characteristics of the whole, at the same time it shows the errors and gives a structural, and functional overview about the selected Logic.

2. Specs

  • Logics are built by connections between smaller units, called Nodes.
  • The direction of the data flow is from the left to the right.
  • A Logic always has to have a Start Point, and an Endpoint.
  • Startpoints are always a set of items (for example products) The default set up comes with a Start Point - all items - and ends with a Touchpoint.
  • The Endpoint of the Logic is the result of the data flow.
  • The purpose to build a Logic is always to define those items, what would be preferred by the clients' end users.
  • therefore data flow is a huge funnel, a sort of filter, where the end result always contains fewer items, as the Start Point does.
  • The ways, how we can subtract items from the starter pool, can be very diverse, depending on the applied methods.