Working with nodes


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Animations will be triggered by mouse over actions.

Open, close, rename Nodes

  • Open a Node with double mouse left click,
  • Close Node with escape,
  • Only one Node can be opened simultaneously,
  • Node panel preview box will appear any time when you move the cursor on a Node (top, right)
  • The Node type will be seen always in the colored box,
  • Rename the selected Node by clicking twice on their names,
  • Opened Node Editor Panels can be resized,

Multi select, copy - paste, clone

  • Use the old classic copy, paste to duplicate your selected Nodes
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Arrange, delete, undo, redo

  • Flow diagrams can become very complex. Use the arrange button and the DFE will straighten the chaos.
  • Don't worry if you made some mistake, or unintended act, use the undo, redo buttons to start again from the needed stage.
  • Delete any Nodes or connectors with the delete button.
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Node editor panel

Node editor panels have a generic structure, see it below: