Item Filter

This block can be used to filter out Items based on Item Attributes and User Events. E.g. it can return Items only from a selected category or filter out all Items which the customer already bought. Entitlement and availability can be implemented also with Filter Nodes.

Multiple conditions can be combined in a Filter Node using AND and OR logical relations.
If the filtering is based on Product Attribute, then the other part of the comparison can be a constant value, a context parameter, or the Attribute of the items visible on the page.

If the filtering is based on the User Events, then all items are selected for which the current customer (if the user ID is sent in the context) has events with the specified parameters. By specifying Event Type, time, count and attributes of the events Complex Filtering Logic can be implemented.

Filtering Logic is often used as push logic in a combination with a blender when the first input of the blender is connected with the Filter and the second with the input element of the Filter.


Sorter Node is supposed to change the order of the items or limit the number of the items or both. The ordering can be made based on the p-value associated with the items or based on any numeric Item Attribute.

P Value Range

This Node enables to filter out items having a certain p-value. It’s often used after an Algorithm Node, to filter out those items where the p-value is zero.