Data flow endpoints

Logics have to have endpoints - first blocks and a touchpoints. First blocks are the starting points, where we can define a set of Items, while Touchpoints will be terminals, the end results, the set of the Recommended Items.

First blocks



Touchpoint is one of the most feature-heavy Node types, because the structure we built earlier will be gathered and configured in this point before we publish the selected Logic.



With the Blender Feature Set, you will be able to manipulate the inputs of the Touchpoint, in order to control the data flow, and how it will affect the Recommendations.

Context Properties
Context properties are global key-value pairs which are reachable through the whole business rule. Below the Touchpoint node types, Context Properties Menu Tab, you will find those properties who are in use during the operations of the selected Logic.
A good example is the current itemId, which is used on product pages and specifies the shown item on the product page.

Context updaters
The set of context properties can be extended with context updaters.

**Below the Status Menu Tab you will find the generic errors of the data-flow, letting you troubleshoot about the errors of the logics in a more handy way.

Component endpoints

Components connect into logic endpoints differently as logic does with touchpoints, therefore the component endpoints are differentiated by their name as well, referring to their functional aspect, so we call them:

  • input interfaces
  • output interfaces