First Blocks

First blocks have no input and they output a list of items. All other nodes can output only the list of items they received on their inputs or a subset of it.

All Items

All the item nodes return all recommendable items on its output.

Search First Block

Search First Block is returning items according to the search phrase received from the client application as a context property. It has complex settings, that’s why it can be configured by XML.If a new Search First Block has to be configured, it’s done by Yusp technical team.


Editorial Block can be used to manually select certain items to be recommended. The list of items which is returned by the Editorial Node can be selected by searching for the item based on its title or ID.

Event Provider

It returns the items for which the current user has events from a certain event type. To set up an Event Provider an event type should be selected. Also, the number of returned items can be set. If the limit is less than the number of events the actual user has, the most recent events are used.

No Items

No Items can be used as a Starting Node in those situations when no item should be recommended. A typical setup is when it’s connected to one of the input of a Switch Node.