Groups and components


Groups are simple structural organizing units in the Data Flow Editor. Select a custom set of Nodes and press the group button on the top toolbar, or in the context menu to create an isolation about your preferred or functional bunch of Nodes.

You can create components from Groups you made. Here is a short example how to do that:


Components are a special type of a Nodes, designed to be reused, and to avoid to create the same sets of Nodes again, and again. Instead of that, a Component inserted into multiple Logics, will give you the ability to manage complex Logics with a simplified method, and will give you a cleaner image about the whole set of Logics.

Components are designed to be reused: for example, when you modify a Component, these modifications will be concerned at any Logics, where:

  • the component has been already applied
  • you will have the ability to apply the modifications