As we mentioned before, the recommendation system needs data to deliver the specified business goals. The first step to start using Yusp is to connect the engine with the hosted site because it will be the data source for the system. There are 3 different dimensions by data type, what have to be synchronized between the two systems.

To recommend the most relevant item for the user, Yusp has to "know" all of the products, or items have been provided by the client. Therefore the complete item catalog has to be synchronized recurrently from the hosted site to the Yusp database.

The second principal pillar of the operation is to identify and track users' behavior - so the system has to track and collect users' acts around the site, then store them uniquely in the own database.

Any user activity can be represented and stored in the system as events.
The usual event types are the following:

  • View
  • Browse
  • Buy
  • Add to cart
  • Recommendation click (click on touchpoint)

After the integration process is done successfully, this data will be accessible at the Database menu tab.